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Poster: AlienJoe Date: Feb 7, 2012 11:17am
Forum: moviesandfilms Subject: Metropolis is NOT public domain?

I recently had removed from my Youtube channel (AlieninaTinCan) the original, unedited 1925 version of Metropolis. I also recieved a copyright strike on my account.
I wrote to the company who claimed ownership of this movie and they sent me the following claim:

"You may be unaware that this film is not in the public domain.
Under the internationally recognized Uruguay Round Agreements Act (UARR) , a Notice of Intent to Enforce was filed by the Murnau Stiftung Weisbaden Germany the legal successor of UFA ( Germany) . The Notice was filed on August 30 1996 and recorded on July 2 1996 in Volume 8001 , Page 861 for this film . On May 9 , 2002 Kino International (a division of Kino Lorber, Inc.) signed a license Agreement with Transit Films Munich , the authorized sales agent for the Murnau Stiftung , to become the sole licensed distributor in North America for the film METROPOLIS in all media. This license Agreement has subsequently been extended through May 2016.

We must therefore ask that you immediately CEASE AND DESIST FROM ALL DISTRIBUTION OF ANY VERSION OF METROPOLIS BY WHATEVER MEANS including DVD and all digital /VOD or face criminal penalties for violation of the US Code Tile 17 sections 501 and 506

Most recently this has been supported by the Supreme Court of the United States, GOLAN ET AL. v. HOLDER, ATTORNEY GENERAL, January 18, 2012 that upheld Congress's right to extend copyright protection to millions of books, films and musical compositions by foreign artists that once were free for public use."

How does this claim stand up?

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Poster: jonc Date: Feb 7, 2012 12:53pm
Forum: moviesandfilms Subject: Re: Metropolis is NOT public domain?

Jeez, Metropolis comes up so often it should be included in the FAQs. Yes, it is under copyright due to GATT/URAA. There have been many discussions on this movie, e.g.,